EmPol 155

EmPol 155 is enamelled copper wire belonging under F (155°C) class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.03 – 1.10 mm.

Providing thermal resistance up to 155°C and a good mechanical strength, EmPol 155 also possess a good winding performance. It possess the feature of being solderable within 1 second at 380 °C temperature. May be produced with alternative colour options based on request.

Fields of Use:

  • Small motors and transformers
  • Magnetic coils
  • Testing and control devices.
EmtPol is a enameled copper wire which is at F type (155°C) thermal class, modified polyester poliuretan coating, producing 0.03 between 1.10 mm diameter. EmtPol resists to 155 °C and good for mechanical endurance, also good for coiling performance. It resists perfect at roller without capsule. It can be brazing in one second at 380°C.
Brand: Emtel
Manufacturer: Emtel Enamel Wire and Cable Industry Co.
Model: IEC 60317-13
Product ID: EN 60317-13