EmTherm 180 Bond, is a polyesterimide coated, self-bonding enamelled copper wire belonging in H (180°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.08 – 0.80 mm.

EmTherm 180 Bond possess the feature of self-bonding through being kept at furnace at 160°-190°C temperature, blowing hot air at 200°C temperature, applying 120 A/mm2 current or ethyl/methyl alcohol.

Fields of Use:

  • Step motors
  • Air coils
  • Speaker coils
  • Brake coils
EmthermBond is a enameled copper wire which is at HB type (180°C) thermal class, modified polyesterimide coating, producing 0.08 between 1.30 mm diameter and it can be colored with aromatic polyamide. It can be coiling with self-sticky coating. EmThermBond keeps in oven at 160° – 190°C, blowing 200°C temperature air and sticking with iso propil alcohol or giving 120 A/mm2 voltage.
Brand: Emtel
Manufacturer: Emtel Enamel Wire and Cable Industry Co.
Model: TS EN 60317-37
Product ID: IEC 60317-37